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New Zealand and International Polar Year

For New Zealand scientists International Polar Year (IPY) represents a unique opportunity to participate in a number of important Antarctic scientific collaborations. These are likely to produce major advances in Antarctic science and reinforce the position of New Zealand as a serious and high quality science partner, particularly in the Ross Sea region.

The Royal Society Committee on Antarctic Science (RSCAS) is the New Zealand organising body. In all cases, New Zealand researchers are aiming to contribute to national as well as international objectives. There are no projects under the International Polar Year umbrella in which New Zealand is the sole participant, but two (ANDRILL and CAML) in which it has taken a prominent leadership role.

The research funding announced in May has resulted in the development of a special three-year $4.5 million contestable research fund to be administered by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST). In addition a further $6.6 million has been allocated for the specific IPY project Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) to be administered the Ministry of Fisheries and the Government’s Ocean 20/20 initiative for marine survey.
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