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29 January 2010

IPY Polar Science Conference

To celebrate and publish early results from the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008......

5 October 2009

International Polar Week - What Happens at the Poles Affects Us All

Although most of us will never encounter sea ice or permafrost, see mountain glaciers, or meet a free-living penguin... ...

17 March 2009

International Polar Day - Polar Oceans

March 18th, 2009 marks the eighth quarterly International Polar Day......

27 February 2009

International Polar Year Report

As the International Polar Year winds up, the organisers have released a statement.....

21 November 2008

International Polar Day - Above the Poles

The next International Polar Day - Above the Poles, is on 4 December....

22 September 2008

International Polar Day - People

The next International Polar Day - People is on 24 September....

18 June 2008

International Polar Science day

The International Polar Science day on 18th June 2008 is Land and Life Day...

18 February 2008

CAML update

The Census of Marine Life voyage got underway from Wellington on 31 January 2008....

20 February 2008

Our Changing Earth: International Polar Science day

The next International Polar Science day will be held on 12 March 2008...

Media release 8 August 2007

Antarctic research to benefit from $4.5 million in special projects

Six exciting research projects touching on climate change and protecting the fragile...

July 2007

50 Years on Ice - Just the Tip of the Iceberg

A national science conference celebrating fifty years of New Zealand’s Antarctic science programme in conjunction with a promotion of IPY was held in Wellington in July 2007....

Media release 8 May

Antarctic research and international collaboration

Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced increased investment in efforts to learn and understand more about the relationship between Antarctica and climate change, and the world’s environmental systems...

Media release 1 March

Antarctica New Zealand to take part in International Polar Year

Antarctica New Zealand CEO Lou Sanson says his organisation is looking forward...