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18 June 2008

International Polar Science day

The International Polar Science day on 18th June is Land and Life day.

For more information download this document:

Summary of Land and Life day

A list of projects can be seen on the IPY website.

New Zealand scientists involved in this work, Ian Hogg and Angela McGaughran, are also featured here.

Land and Life

Polar landscapes and polar terrestrial ecosystems extend from southern cold maritime islands to dry continental deserts in Antarctica, and from tree line across the continental tundra to remote northern islands in the Arctic. Ice, in the forms of permafrost, snow, and ice cover, plays a dominant role in all these environments, and the biological communities survive through remarkable adaptations and extensive migration. Polar ecosystems also survive in alpine areas. The climatological and ecological pressures that act on mountain-top populations also act on the northern-most and southern-most ecosystems.