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Antarctic ozone recovery:

reducing uncertainty in projections of Antarctic ozone through the 21st century using IPY measurements (ORACLE – O3)

The aim of this research is to reduce uncertainty in projections of the Antarctic ozone hole by improving understanding of how Antarctic ozone depletion interacts with climate change. This will be achieved by using an enhanced suite of measurements from IPY campaigns in Antarctica to thoroughly assess and improve a state-of-the-art coupled chemistry-climate model of the troposphere and stratosphere. The researchers will then simulate Antarctic ozone changes to 2100 using the improved model. A secondary goal is to determine how projected changes in ozone over Antarctica, together with increases in greenhouse gases, will affect surface climate in Antarctica.

IPY will take place during the approximate period of peak concentrations of man-made ozone depleting substances in the region of the ozone layer. During the period of International Polar Year, ground-based observations of ozone and the trace gases depleting ozone will be made at the New Zealand laboratory at Arrival Heights as part of the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC). In addition to these measurements made at Arrival Heights, this project will use ozonesonde measurements of vertical ozone profiles made by the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) at the Neumayer Station in Antarctica.



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