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The Antarctic marine ecosystem is under threat as a result of global climate change and other anthropogenic influences. Characterising the structure and function of benthic ecosystems and determining their relationships to key environmental factors across a range of spatial and biological scales is essential to an improved understanding of Antarctic ecology and wise management of the Antarctic coastal zone. The major goal of this research is to increase understanding of the structure and function of the Ross Sea coastal benthic ecosystem. This information will be used to develop models of biodiversity response over multiple spatial scales and levels of biological organisation, that will enable us to better-predict how this valuable ecosystem will respond to change.



National Institute of Water and
Atmospheric Research


Dr Vonda Cummings

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IPY Project Number: 137

More information about the Ice CUBE project can be found on the NIWA website

This project contributes to EBA-IPY. For more information about EBA (Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic) go to the EBA website.